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Anyone for tea?

This week, PIE wanted to ‘celebrate being part of a national outpouring of love!’ Well, who wouldn’t?! Monday 5th July was the NHS Big Tea Event.

‘The NHS Big Tea is about so much more than sharing a cuppa. It’s a national outpouring of love, thanks, and generosity for the people at the heart of our NHS. The people who go above and beyond to care for us, even in the darkest of times.

You can pop the kettle on at home. Share a pot of tea with your colleagues. Take a flask outside with friends and family. Or rally the whole street with brews, biscuits and bunting. Large or small, your outpouring of love will help care for those who cared for us.


The aim of the event was to bring people together, to take a moment to raise a cuppa to thank each other and hardworking NHS staff. PIE wanted to get involved, so we teamed up with our good friends at Start Point to offer 10 afternoon teas to NHS heroes in Stockport.

We then asked young people we work with to nominate their own NHS heroes.

We had a range or nominees from Nurses to Health Visitors! Here are a few of the reasons people were nominated:

· They have helped my mum come through 4 pregnancies including myself and is an absolute credit to the NHS always goes the extra mile.

· Sue is an amazing woman. Whilst still working as a signer for the deaf children in our school, her dad was suffering with vascular dementia. She cared for him and also advocated for his care when it fell short. Seeing how he was treated motivated her to do bank work in end of life care as a nurse alongside updating her training (she worked as a mental health nurse before working at my school). She has been struggling with a number of health conditions herself, including cancer, but she continued her training and once she finished, worked in a hospital and then landed her dream job of being an Admiral Nurse. She is active in her support of a number of issues outside of her work too, volunteering within her local community and also helping out with some storytelling work that I do. She is one of those people who says "that's just what you do though isn't it?" when given a compliment, not realising how special she is.

· She goes above and beyond caring for the mums, families and children. She works so hard all with a smile and always goes the extra mile.

· They work bloody hard!

· Nick has worked relentlessly during each lockdown and since the start of Covid. His wife also works in the NHS as a physiotherapist, they have two young children and have juggled shifts and childcare without complaining despite working extra shifts to support colleagues when possible. In addition to this, they are both scout leaders and supported the YP of Hazel Grove online weekly during each lockdown.

· Evelynne works really hard for the NHS and is very caring. She deserves to get a treat because of everyting she does for others.

· She is an incredible woman with a heart of gold and deserves a treat.

· She works hard to make sure ambulances get to the right people at the right times.

On the day we dropped off Afternoon Teas on doorsteps and to hospital departments - all were met with a smile and a thank you! This was only a tiny way we could say thank you but it was important to us to not only give back something to our NHS, but to engage our young people in the process. We were so impressed and inspired with their nominations, and the way they embraced the opportunity to show their appreciation!

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