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A Wave of Celebration! (1)

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

You may have noticed we held a mega Wave of Change event at the end of June - a Wave of Celebration!

To round off our Wave of Change Project, and to do the event justice, we want to bring you a little insight each day this week, starting today by introducing the event.

The Wave of Celebration event took place at the Stockport Memorial Art Gallery, right in the centre of Stockport. The day itself involved craft activities, dancing, photography, reiki & meditation, all allowing women to share memories and experiences.

The doors opened at 10am, where one of our lovely volunteers, Clare, welcomed our guests. Every woman who has taken part in any of the seven Waves of Change were invited, so there was a pretty impressive guest list! We also invited a few partners and collaborators to share in the celebration. Saz Media were there to capture the energy of the event and snap as many happy faces as possible, thank you for the photos we'll be posting this week! There were also video interviews taking place throughout the day, more of that to follow...

Various activities were run throughout the day. There was crafty keyrings with our friend Jen Samani, the photo booth and scrapbook with Lily, Affirmation Jam Jars with Julie & Kelly. Ailsa McPhee joined us for some amazing dancing, including leading a conga line out to the front of the building and dazzling passers-by! Katherine Rosati from the Gallery led individual meditation and reiki for our wonderful guests. All the events on the day were supported by the Wave of Change's lovely Claire Worthington (Village Web Company), as well as Nadia and her team of fellow wavers. The buffet was provided by our friends at Start Point Cafe, and Pasha Restaurant, Manchester, with special thanks to Houda.

In the run up to the event, we had teams of our Wavers doing some planning and organising, including choosing a venue, sourcing local suppliers for lunch and designing and sending out invitations. It was really important to us to involve our Waver community in all elements of this event and to join the celebration.

Over the next few days we will share some more from those who have taken part in Wave of Change and their take on the Celebration! So watch this space ...

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