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A piece of Positivity PIE in Leeds

This week's blog takes a little look at Positivity PIE over at Co-Op Academy in Leeds!

This programme was designed to see students develop their confidence, resilience and communication skills over the course of six weeks.

They had a strong start when they worked on empowering their future selves for International Women's Day. Their next session involved students using visualisation to remove barriers and further empower themselves for the future. All girls presented their work too with encouragement which was a great achievement!

Their recent sessions have involved the group spreading their positivity around their local community. The girls wanted to do their mini social action project in the community and chose a number of places to share their Random Acts Of Kindness with. They had bunches of daffodils and Easter Eggs and visited their 2 local shops who are always inundated with students! They also chose the primary school many of them went to, where they left daffodils for some staff and buckets of Easter goodies they had decorated for the most deserving students. They then also visited the Bridge centre which is a local community organisation which carries out amazing work. They gave daffodils and Easter Eggs to the many volunteers who help to keep the place going. Despite the rain and cold we all felt great at the end of the session with lots of positive vibes all round!

Keep up the good work everyone - we can't wait to see what you do next!

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