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PIE Poetry Corner

Once a month we will aim to showcase some of the poetry we create in our programmes!

This month features some poetry from the Put It In Words Programme we recently finished at St Anne's High School, with Antony Szmierek:

Put It In Words was a project started by PIE, which aimed to get a group of young people together in the midst of ‘unprecedented times’ to express in verse the changes they were collectively going through. These poems celebrate emotions young men are

taught to hide and repress. None of their emotions are edited out, neither is their slang or the way they choose to speak. Over the course of the programme, these young men discussed political issues (climate change, homelessness) as well as their insecurities, hopes and fears.



Are you less of a person

With less of a home?

With no one to help,

When all alone.

Are you less of a person

With less to eat?

On the street with no warmth

No heat

Donate to change their fate


People always tellin me

Respect the ones that are raising me

In and out the system,

Let me tell you in person

Slow down, take a minute

Blow it out

Always on the grind

Know my struggles in time

Now I’m not tryna procrastinate,

Know myself,

Better educate.



Drip drip drip drip

Stuck in my room

Im so bored so im listening to this tune

Doing the same thing noon after noon

Raining so hard it just won’t stop

Anxiety so high its ready to pop


Thanks for those Antony, we look forward to hearing some more next month!

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