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Wave of Celebration - THE WOMEN! (5)

One of our proudest achievements with this programme is the progress we've seen from the women who have taken part. Today's final blog about the Wave of Celebration focuses on their comments about the day, and their feeling about the programme as a whole. (Some are anonymous and some with names! Thanks to all the women who took part.)

“I felt like I was jumping off a cliff when starting this programme and was terrified. Now I feel like I’m flying! I can’t believe what I have pushed myself to do and am so proud of myself.”

“I have loved the chance to be creative – I haven’t done things like this for years and it’s made me think about what other things I could do.”

“I will take away from this event positivity, love, hope and courage.”

Houda: I would tell you what I saw when I closed my eyes on Friday and I saw the lights playing in the big darkness like waves in the big deep dark blue of the ocean and that is the WAVE OF CHANGE washed me from inside and let me feel new again, cleaned from the darkness to the light. Thankyou.

Clare: My highlight was being asked to be front of house for the day, and to be trusted with meeting and greeting! In a word, Wave of Change (and the people in it) mean the world to me.

“I’ve met lots of new lovely people and just generally HAD A GREAT TIME!

“From the Wave of Change I have learned to live the life I want!”

“The support during the programme was, and still is, amazing from Simone, Beth and Claire. It has given me more confidence and inspiration to do my art. Thanks for being amazing.”

“A brilliant community support for all women across Stockport.”

“The course has made me evaluate every aspect of my life in order to achieve my goals and have balance and take time for myself. It’s just all been fab!”

“It was so lovely to see how the programme has helped so many people as well as me.”

Here's a peek at the scrapbook we made on the day, with a few comments from our guests!

That concludes our blog series! Thankyou for taking the time to read and enjoy our photos (provided by We look forward to supporting these women further, and hopefully supporting more women through future Wave of Change programmes.

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