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Connell College PIE Experience

On Wed and Thurs 27th & 28th April, Year 12 BTEC and A level students at Connell 6th form took part in a work experience day with a number of organisations including PIE.

They were given a design brief for the day outlining their task, which was to create a social media post celebrating PIE’s work over the last 4 years.

We made the day as realistic as possible – design brief, limited time slots for questions with PIE's Operations Lead, a video introduction from the CEO plus a deadline to stick to.

They had to research the organisation as well as the social media they were using – thinking about everything from target audience to font they would use.

At the end of the allocated time they had to pitch their finished product with a presentation in a business style to our CEO and creative director from whom they received both verbal and written feedback.

The best pitches received Amazon vouchers as prizes and of course the chance to see their post used!

We were really pleased with the ideas they came up with and definitely plan to incorporate their ideas into some of our future social media posts.

Here's some feedback from the students who took part:

"I developed my communication, perseverance and presenting skills."

"I enjoyed the chance to piece together and deliver a presentation using a project brief."

"I would use this as work experience since I made a presentation using a project brief."

"I could mention the work experience on my CV, mentioning teamwork & project management."

"I feel like it improved my teamwork and communication skills."

"I can explain how much I have learnt from the process."

"I can say I have experience designing something for an organisation."

"I developed my content creation skills, professionalism and creativity!"

We had a great time with this mini-project, and found that delivering something short term with real-time responses had a great impact on the group! Well done to all the students who took part, and thanks for the inspiration...

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